Glasgow Celebrates a Slaver Once a Year

For those among us in the UK who are feeling fiercely inspired and moved by the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests and the statue of 17th century slave trader Edward Colston being pulled from its plinth and thrown in Bristol harbour; I’d like to remind you all of a little sectarian march that happens every year in July in the Scotland and Ireland…

Protesters pulling down the much hated Edward Colston statue in Bristol image: _thatcanonguy_

In fact, demonstrations take place throughout the year across the UK, but the largest one happens in July -the commemorative march for the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. Traditionally speaking, it falls on 12th July.

You may remember the hilarious scene from Danny Boyle’s T:2, when Sick Boy and Renton travel through to Glasgow, attend an Orange Lodge party and steal the bank cards of all the attendees. They’re able to make some fast cash because they already know the pin codes… you guessed it 1690.

And if you don’t remember, or haven’t seen the adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s book, Porno, I have been kind enough to provide the link to the aforementioned scene below.

Renton and Sick Boy: No More Catholics Scene

We Glaswegians have a mutual understanding of the collective sinking feeling when you hear the sound of marching, drums, and tin whistles; the morbid realisation that an Orange Walk is happening. Sadly, this incredible sound that should represent joy and celebration, instead, brings an element of dread and foreboding.

The march is notorious for attracting trouble from the marchers themselves, who are known for launching glass bottles and starting fights with passers-by.

With an understanding that in a modern world there can be no cognitive dissonance for bigotry and racism, it makes it difficult to sit by year after year and allow the swarm of locusts to meander their way through our city in the name of Unionism and anti-Catholicism. This is all by way of commemorating and celebrating a slave owner winning a battle which led to the oppression of a majority of the Catholic people of Ireland.

This, as you can imagine, is a source of great discomfort for the people of Glasgow.

Image: Daily Record

There is a connotation with Rangers football club, although many supporters of the club nowadays brand themselves as “not orange” in order to avoid being affiliated with The Orange Order and its reputation. They often end up being labelled as “traitors” by its members.

For many, the march itself adds to the archaic Rangers vs. Celtic narrative in Glasgow, which is counter-productive to us as a progressive, civilised society.

I have been asked that age-old question in some of the most bizarre places,

“Oh! you’re from Glasgow! Rangers or Celtic?”

I kid you not, I have been asked that in a bar in New York, a beach in Vietnam and even at a family BBQ in Catalunya. But for Glaswegians that question has connotations far deeper than a football team.

I mean, how does one explain the history of Glaswegian sectarian divide to an inebriated stranger? All whilst managing to convey its connections stemming from Ireland and explain why, for some reason, it still has relevance in Scotland in modern day.

Immediately, the easier option would be to brush yourself off as a Partick Thistle fan, if not wanting to get involved in a political discussion. I mean, logically speaking, it is not something broadcast outside of local press- so why would anyone outside the UK be aware that this ridiculous display of sectarianism exists?

But in 2020, there is no place for avoidance, it is time to talk about this.

Image: Daily Record

Now, by 2020, this outdated commemorative parade seems nothing more than a chest-puffing exercise- with those actually participating having very little real knowledge about the history or its significance.

The march is widely regarded by locals as Glasgow’s dirty little secret.

After all, this is the same metropolitan city that boasts “beautiful architecture, a vibrant nightlife and world-famous art school”.

The same city that hosted the 2014 Commonwealth Games, who’s incredible cultural exports include Charles Rennie MackIntosh, Alasdair Grey, John Byrne and the loveable Lewis Capaldi.

Yeah, That city.

Glasgow Clyde at night

Well, once a year (not including the dress-rehearsal), on Saturday morning, mid-July, there is a rampage of far-right, all-white, union flag waving, pro-brexiteers that plough through the city shouting “GoD sAvE tHe QuEen” and “KiNg BiLlYs On ThE wAlL” (don’t worry, I will get to King Billy later) banging drums, playing tin whistles and destroying everything in their path.

And it’s still allowed to happen.

Image: Daily Record

7 years ago, a petition on stated:

“Orange Walks are damaging to the city of Glasgow for a number of reasons.
They are a practice representative of sectarian attitudes, and do not reflect the beliefs of the majority of city residents.
They promote an atmosphere of alienation and intimidation.
They make travel around the city centre unnecessarily difficult.
They waste the time of emergency services, preventing them from reaching the people who may have a real need for them and wasting taxpayers’ money.
They are detrimental to tourism and promote a poor image of the city.”

Nothing has changed, the march still happens.

Canon Tom White was spat at outside St Alphonsus’ Church in the Gallowgate (Image: Daily Record)

Regardless of the city, these parades- in both Scotland and Ireland- are known for deliberately walking past areas of Catholic significance in order to provoke and intimidate.

In 2019, loyalist groups in Glasgow were actually trying to overturn a ruling that was preventing them marching past St Alphonsus Catholic Church. The restriction itself was put in place because a priest was spat on the previous year, the culprit was jailed for 10 months after pleading guilty and the marchers, understandably, still remain restricted from taking the route past the church.


Now, as previously mentioned, the origins of the 12th July parade come from a celebration of The Battle of the Boyne. This happened in Ireland in 1690, James II – the catholic ruler and last catholic monarch of England, Scotland and Ireland, was defeated by the Protestant King William of Orange– aka King Billy.

Over three hundred years later, the entirely white march feels less associated with liberation and freedom, and more like a far-right, white supremacy march.

Image: Daily Record

Theoretically, traditionally speaking, the commemoration of the battle represented overthrowing Catholic rule and being allowed to practice whatever religion of your choosing- at least that is what England encouraged them to believe.

The old British divide and rule means that institutions like the Orange Order (implemented by England) was able to divide the working class at a vital time and deter a majority from embracing socialism. This tactic is still used to this day.

The marches purpose has now become a mutated version of a British “ RuLe BrItTaNiA” celebration, similar to VE day and with clear links to EDL rallies.  

I’m under the impression everyone thinks that if we don’t talk about it, it will eventually go away.

2020 has shown us how to take action and stand up for what is right. There is no place for the Orange Walk in a modern, vibrant, Glasgow.

Christian Flautists Outside St Patrick’s was the last painting by acclaimed Irish artist Joseph McWilliams, who died in 2015- if you look closely in the bottom left corner you may see some white hoods. Loyalists have been fighting for its removal( link)

So, this march happens every year in celebration of King William of Orange’s victory.

And how did he win?

He had a larger army than the opposition, paid for with slave money, he also had help from the Netherlands and Denmark, two countries renowned for their wealth from slavery.

In 1689- a year before the Battle of the Boyne, Edward Colston (of toppled statue fame) sold his shares in the Royal African Company to King William of Orange. He funded the battle and armies with money made directly from the slave trade, in fact, both sides fighting did.

Taking into account that The Royal African Company was actually set up by the Stuart Monarchy, when William overthrew James (Stuart) and took the crown he then inherited the largest slaving company the world would ever know.

So, considering that James was the previous owner of the RAC-it is worth speculating the entire Battle of the Boyne was funded by the flesh of stolen Africans.

Let that sink in for a minute.


The RAC was a trading company set up by the monarchs of Britain at that time. It was their second attempt at getting involved in the slave trade and the shipping was used as a tool to exploit Africa for profit.

They monopolised the trading market because, being the monarchy and in charge, they wrote a law to state that their company was the only one allowed to trade in the English colonies.

However, eventually they could not keep up with demand and they allowed others to use these trade routes.

It is estimated that they took 5000 slaves a year to The Caribbean and North America, the company ran from 1660-1752, that’s 92 years, so by rough estimation there were 460,000 stolen Africans that had the letters RAC branded into their chests.

It is estimated that about 12 million slaves entered the Atlantic slave trade between the 16th and 19th century, and about 1.5 million died on board ship or overboard because 10.5 of the 12 million slaves taken arrived in the Americas.

That is how little the lives of the Africans meant to these battling Kings. Both parties involved in the battle had investments in not just the slave trade, BUT THE SAME COMPANY.

They didn’t care about capitalising on the stolen lives of the black people of Africa- as long as it generated enough wealth to fund their war and politics.

In fact, many “great achievements” were funded off the back of innocent, black slaves- but we are rarely taught this in our education curriculum.

Glasgow University

Glasgow University has been in the press in recent years after admitting that it benefitted directly from the slave trade and is now paying reparations.

College of William and Mary University, Virginia

In 1693, three years after the Battle of the Boyne, King Billy opened The College of William and Mary, in Virginia, where the plantations were. It is the second oldest institution of higher education in America, Harvard is the oldest.

It boasts three American Presidents in its alumni; Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and John Tyler. And, you guessed it, it was built on money from the slave trade.

Glasgow, Bristol and Liverpool were built from slave money and money from the Triangular Trade.

Research the Glasgow Tobacco Lords, a name which does not begin to convey the atrocities they committed to slaves taken to the Americas. A more appropriate name would be something like “The Glasgow Slave Lords” or “The Glasgow Slavers”.

Pay attention to the street names around the Glasgow’s merchant city, the city flourished with money made oversees, Jamaica Street…Kingston Docks…Virginia Place.

Both banking and religion in Scotland profited immensely from the slave trade.

There were plenty banks started by these merchants, in order to maintain control of their extremely vast wealth, e.g. the “Thistle Bank“, the “Old Ship Bank” or the “Arms Bank” directly linked to Glasgow. There are actually more, but over a few hundred years they collapsed or merged, eventually becoming the Union Bank of Scotland and now known as The Bank of Scotland.

The very economy of the country that we know was birthed from the brutal theft and exploitation of the people of West Africa.

For a country that built its wealth on trade and slavery, the people of Scotland seem to have a lack of real knowledge of its role in the slave trade. 

Did you know that many Scottish slave masters were considered among the most brutal? with life expectancy on their plantations averaging only four years.

There was actually Orange Lodges set up by the British and Dutch slavers in Africa that are still running today.

A drawing of slaves and oppressors on a slave ship


Back to the present day issue, you may be wondering who arranges these marches?

The Orange Order, a Protestant fraternity that defends and promotes ProtestantismBritishness, and the continued unity of the United Kingdom arranges these marches.

Glasgow march is specifically organised by The Grand Orange Lodge of  Scotland.

Image: Daily Record

The Orange Order has various sub-divisions (lodges) responsible for organising events in their own city.

They actively campaign against Scottish Independence

The Order was formed in Ireland in 1795 by English Conservative elites’ intent on keeping a divide between the Protestant workers and their Catholic Neighbours. This was in direct opposition to the Theobald Wolfe Tone’s socialist image for Ireland’s future.

In a nutshell, the Torys had invested interest in creating a divide in Ireland. That old divide and conquer technique the dastardly British Empire are so famous for, they had a hand in The Troubles, and they continue their involvement with Ireland to this day, but in recent months -and with Westminsters poor handling of the COVID-19 situation and Brexit-there has been calls for United Ireland.

Brexit caused a surge in those wanting to disband the Union, in both Ireland and Scotland

In a fantastic article titled; “Orange Order: Enemy of the Working Class?” the author sums it up perfectly,

“The purpose of the Orange Order is to manipulate Protestants into becoming an insular community so as to nullify socialist thought; asserting sectarian unity destabilises community solidarity and actively harms a worker’s fight for progressive change.”

Read that statement again.


Glaswegians will label themselves “Protestant” or “Catholic” without ever having set foot in a church, and as church numbers have rapidly dwindled in Scotland, 80% since the 1950s, therefore it is hard to believe that any of those involved in these religious based marches are practicing Christians. So, what does this march and really signify?

These labels have now lost any truly- religious significance and are now, in a less practicing-Christian Scotland, obsolete. Leaving them solely representative of a divide of the working class- those for Unionism of the UK, and those for Scottish Independence.

Perhaps these religious labels are more indicative of the often-blurred lines between religion and politics, even though the two now go less hand-in-hand in modern day Scotland, it is evident how intertwined their roots are.


In short, it doesn’t, and it becomes more inappropriate as each year passes.

There is absolutely no place for a bigoted march that, not only celebrates the victory of a man who made his fortune in slavery, but also encourages a sectarian divide in a metropolitan city.

The people of Glasgow showed their support this weekend at the Black Lives Matter protest, proving how much we stand together in solidarity against racism.

Organiser Barrington Reeves speaking to the crowd at BLM protest Glasgow Green, June 7 2020 (image: facebook)

A young, black woman speaking at the BLM protest at Glasgow Green on 7 June 2020 (image:facebook)

If the statue situation in Bristol has taught us anything, it is that the media will spin a story in whichever way the Government tells them. This bronze statue has been hated, petitioned and discussed for decades.

We are in the middle of the largest civil rights movement of our generation, and the removal of a statue commemorating a man who built his wealth on the enslavement of others has been reported in the press and on television as “destruction”. The British Prime Minister labelled it as a “criminal act”.

It is absolutely fundamental that we stop using biased and corrupt news sources, especially those influenced by government agenda. The media are choosing how to portray marchers to benefit government agenda. Why are BLM marchers “thugs” but far-right, violent bigots not being called out?

Do your research people.

Bristol’s BLM protest was peaceful, there was no violence or arrests, just a crowd of the public making history by returning an oppressor to the same harbour that his slave ships used to dock.

Call it poetic justice, call it a revolution- but you have no right to call it destructive.

Solomon O.B. at the BLM protest in Bristol, taking the plinth where Edward Colston’s statue once stood. Photo: Abi Galatia

If you think it is time to abolish the Orange Walk in Glasgow, I have set up direct links below:

Petition to End Orange Walks in Glasgow

Website and contact of the Orange Order

Find contact details of your local MSP to raise this issue with them.

Black Lives Matter logo

As Scots, we can change the narrative. Robert Burns did!

Did you know that he intended on leaving Scotland for Jamaica to work as a slave driver? He even wrote a poem about it- On A Scotch Bard Gone to the West Indies.

He then changed his mind, and eventually his poems and words would go on to be used in the abolishment of slavery movement.

There is a lesson in this.

Abolitionist, Frederick Douglass loved the late Burns’ work and even visited his old home when he toured Britain raising awareness of abolitionism. His final home is now a museum containing his most precious possessions, which includes a treasured copy of the Complete Works of Robert Burns.

Its. Okay. To. Educate. Yourself. And. Change.

Louder for the people in the back… if we inform and educate ourselves and realise that our entire belief system goes against our moral fibre as humans…


I cannot speak for the Black people of Glasgow, but I can speak for myself -a white Glaswegian.

I can speak about the shame I feel for my home city, the fact that the council allows a parade to happen that causes such racism and divide, that makes so many uncomfortable.

I can speak about my embarrassment that my fellow Scots, who happen to be Black, have to witness this outdated and inappropriate representation of our city.

And I can try to change it.

Black Lives Matter, George Square 7 June image: Gordon Eddie


If you want to do more and get involved with the Black Lives Matter movement, I have added some great links for you to check out:

The Black Scottish Business Fund has been recently set up and I URGE you to support this charity. It has been long overdue.

A petition to pull down ALL statues of slave traders in the UK

A list of resources for supporting Black Lives Matter


Poster of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter Protest, Glasgow Green June 7 image: Gordon Eddie

Published by Amy Muz

Student Journalist

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  1. Thankyou thankyou thankyou for sharing the truth..I live in Aust n know we too profited by enslaving our first peoples n those from eng irel n scot to build our country…I will share on public to try n enlighten others…BLM 👊👊👊🖤💛❤🥰👍


    1. Zero research done here, just lies piled on top of lies and served up to mindless fools who believe anything that suits their narrative.
      Very poor article.

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    2. Excellent and long over due piece. And reading some of the comments by those blinkered by bigotry, cognitive dissonance springs to mind. Those of an orange persuasion are merely tools for the rich, in short Caucasian uncle Toms.


  2. Well that’s the biggest load of shite I’ve ever read, I’ll be dissecting every single lie you’ve told in your ‘article’.

    The over-use of big words doesn’t make you sound any more intelligent when telling mistruths.

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    1. Michael If you think there big words in there, It seems that It Is you that Is not vey Intelligent!

      Sectarianism and Unionism. Two evil words in our society and both of which the Orange order represent

      Which Is why the Orange Order should be banned out of existence

      There Is NO place In our society for such an organization


    2. Pathetic… Only reason it touched a nerve is because you are a bigot. It’s quite simple, if you an “orange man” you have no place in a modern society.


  3. Well said! Only comment would be that we need to emphasise more that the whole industrial revolution in Britain was built on the slave trade and would not have been possible without it. Not only Glasgow but the whole of Scotland benefitted. Not however the working classes, who were driven into more and more squalid and desperate living and working conditions – prevailing across England as well. Thanks though for a great article well referenced. You might want to check out a school resource published a few years ago which highlights areas for young people to explore and understand slavery, how it could be allowed to happen and parallels with today A’ Adam’s Bairns?
    Thanks Susan


  4. Just read this article and come to the conclusion that as usual the person writing it hasn’t a clue about the orange order . Just still spilling out the usual anti orange stuff to satisfy there own agenda. One point of fact there is orange members from all over the world and that includes black members too. So give us all a break. Away and learn the facts .

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    1. @A.Rob The Orange Order still causes division within our society, and for that reason alone the Orange Order should be banned out of existence


      1. What an absolute crock of shit.

        “I dont agree with this so ban it”
        Isnt that the very facism we as a society are trying to work against?

        This article is full of misinformation and twisting of facts to suit an agenda.

        If we’re removing all traces of slavery from history then im afraid there wont be much of Glasgow (or the UK) left. Cherry picking which parts of slavery (or any other issue) you want to have an issue with is a little naughty, but totally expected from ‘journalists’ fighting for clicks these days.



  5. This is great and educational read, although the quoted tweet from the “sole heir” is satire and should be seen as such so as to not throw the legitimacy of the rest of the article into question. Alex Colston later tweeted “If people really think I’m the singular heir of a 17th century slaver… jfc… people got to learn what jokes are.”


      1. To suggest bandsmen and marchers are known for throwing bottles and destroying everything in its path,is bullshit,the only bottles being thrown at orange parades usually come from Catholics,I should know I’ve been on the recieving end as I’ve marched through parts of Glasgow such as Ruchill,Possil and Govan.As for a priest being spat on,that was one idiot,don’t tar us all with the same brush,maybe you should do yourself a favour and attend the next 12th of July celebration.🇬🇧🇬🇧


  6. Robert Burns was going to work on a plantation in Jamaica before his Kilmarnock edition was published then changed his mind ……take his statues down as well I presume

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  7. Think your article is a little short on research into the Orange institution. There are many lodges around the world with black members. Just look at Ghana as one country.

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  8. Wow thank god your not a true journalist and probably can’t get a proper journalism job. If your going to take your time to write something and expect others to take the time to read it you need to take the time to research the truth. It’s easy to write what a small number of people want to hear another to write the truth. I think you would struggle to find one bad thing to say about the orange order with all the amazing work they have done with covid 19 for all the communitys across this United Kingdom. By the way porno was a movie, the man that spat on the priest as he enjoyed the walk passing was a spectator not a member of the orange order. If it wasn’t for the battle of the boyne in 1690 you would have you civil liberty to write the crap and miss information you have. BLM ALL LIFES MATYER. Now go educate yourself before you make a fool of yourself again and thanks for the laughter.

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    1. Where to start? God is usually capitalised in the context in which you use it. Your should be you’re. Your (again), see previous comment, communitys should be communities, boyne should be capitalised, you civil liberty should be your civil liberty, miss information should be mis-information, MATYER should be MATTER. Think you should look a bit closer to home about getting educated Andy. Shame you didn’t go to a Catholic school.


  9. Never read such Turkish delight in all my life, people should know the facts before spouting this republican propaganda King William 111 fought for free and religious liberties for all.,that included Catholics, blacks, Jews all mankind we are not big bad bigots as you try to make us but very proud people who are proud to be British and if anyone does not like that feel free to leave these islands as you are not welcome here, and while I am at it why bring in the famous Glasgow Rangers, think you’d be brtter starting sorting your own house out first septic Park where no child was safe enough said B. J. K.

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    1. Have to admire your sense of unity. If you don’t like what we like, go live elsewhere, you’re not welcome here. Anyone who dares to have a difference of opinion, get them out. You fail to notice both Rangers and Celtic are mentioned in the piece, the writer has her house in order, just not the Orange Order. You finished with a typical, I have no real argument only rage statement, bringing accusations of child abuse and who knew about it. You show a lack of decorum by not thinking someone, somewhere, may be a victim of child abuse, not necessarily at the hands of who you accuse, but a victim all the same. With your small minded, abhorrent use of such a disgusting act against children, to points score, you only serve to silence any victims, who are ashamed of the crime committed against them. People who use such an abhorrent act like that, in the way you have, are no better than the perpetrators themselves. I hope if you ever have a ticket for any Rangers games, you are never sat next to me.


  10. Although well written there are a lot of errors , (1) marchers do not throw bottles if trouble starts its hanger ons who cause the problems (just like the BLM protests who looted and attacked police officers and their horses. (2) There are people of all colour in the order and they do not see the order as racist. (3) The Order does a lot of charity work and many charities benefit from this. The way you speak is that everyone who is in the Order are thugs and non-believers and have not got a place in this society. I am a law-abiding person who has respect for all people no matter what colour or religion, all I ask is that people abide by the laws and protest in the proper manner and don’t attack the people who are only doing their job.

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      1. I trust your talking about these left wing thugs that are now roaming our streets throwing tantrums 🇬🇧👍


  11. Are you bored must be to write that absolute tripe you clearly know nothing of the Orange Order why not try to learn instead of long winded rants and absolute fabrication I hope the Grand Lodge Of Scotland have a read and take you to task for your attack on this who promote civil and religious freedom for all !

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  12. Wow that is by far thee biggest load of propaganda I’ve ever seen spewed, with more factual errors than I care to admit reading. Journalism is not for you. Either do it unbiased without including your personal hatred or don’t do it at all. Appalling read and offensive to one section of the community whom you are demonising, by your interpretation racist also.


  13. Before you wrote this one sided article you should have done your research. What you have written is absolute bile driven by bigoted hatred, the orange order has all members of society within their ranks. ALL LIVES MATTER not just some and anyone that doesn’t see this should hang their heads in shame


    1. Anyone who has to spout aLL LivEs mAtTer in response to hearing black lives matter needs to have a good look at themselves. The shame is yours.

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      1. It’s amazing the amount of comments in response here who accuse the author of factual inaccuracies, instructing her to ‘do her research’ but then fail to provide a single argument or produce a single fact to disproves any of the points she makes.

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  14. What drivel full of errors can’t see you getting a proper job in journalism if you can’t research facts and report the same. This actually makes you look like a bigot sadly .


  15. Did you actually write that nonsense? I actually feel embarrassed you. It’s full of hate , lies and shows you up for being a complete and utter bigot.


  16. For those of us like myself that truly have no interests in adhering to a particular creed, Protestant or Catholic, this article does attack the fundamentals of the Orange Order and it is quite easy to see how it upsets persons with attachment to that organisation, it is those people should look in the mirror and question where they attach their faith and allegiance as for the rest of us we don’t actually care any more about a silly dressed up march and banging of drums, your obsolete, you just don’t know it yet.


    1. Would you be so quick to tell muslims/sikhs/any other religious group the same?

      Ia all religion obsolete or is it only Protestantism you have a problem with?

      Your answer will tell you who the bigot is here.

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  17. Thank you for taking the time to educate me. I had no idea about Burns’s brush with the plantocrats or the role of slave money in the Boyne; although it’s probably naive of me not to assume that anything the rich white landed class did was funded by slavery.
    I’m sorry for all the hate your receiving in these comments, knee jerk angry reactions like the comments so far only help bury the positive community aspects of the order, and perpetuate their well deserved reputation as angry blinkered bigots.
    Also, we can’t be racist because there are black members and a lodge in Ghana? Fucking loooool


  18. My dear Heather, this was so obviously a politically motivated attack that it had to be responded to. I tried to do seriously as scribbles such as this only perpetuate racism. I am sorry that you feel necessary to endorse her views

    It has little basis in fact and therefore any attempt to clarify can only give it a respect it does not deserve.Just one of her allegations can easily be checked that regarding the Royal African Company and its shareholders.

    The author works at Queens University in Belfast which has been gaining a reputation of becoming a Sinn Fein adjunct. This story only confirms that reputation and one wonders why she has to write about Scotland


  19. Wow….this is hateful. Why would someone be looking for revolt in their own country. If it’s live and let live you are a hypocrite! Or is it live and let live if everyone wants to cause havoc and is singing from your hymn sheet? If you had everyone on an equilibrium you’d have spoken about the slavery, murder and secrecy involved in catholic churches! You are a silly girl.

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  20. A complete diatribe of hate towards anyone who doesn’t share your world view. Your quest for civil liberty obviously only extends to the people you approve of. The article has so many factual and historical inaccuracies that it lacks any credibility.
    Do some proper research about the Orange Order in West Africa and maybe you will learn about Rev Louis Ewart and (An Orangeman) who represented Togo at the League of Nations after the end of WW1 and lobbied on behalf of the Togo people who had endured cruely under the Germans and subsequently French. He was made an honorary Chieftan by the Togo people in recognition of the improvements he brought to the lives of ordinary people. Learn about the fact that Orangemen from Scotland more recently helped supply two minibuses for the community in Togo which were used to transport volunteer medics and locals to eye clinics.
    That type of historical fact doesn’t suit the current narrative, much like the huge charitable and benevolent efforts of Orangemen from across the UK in supplying PPE to care providers and food parcels to the vulnerable (of all religious persuasions and none) during the Covid-19 crisis.
    You also fail to mention the tens of thousands of Orangemen who fought against fascism, and alongside troops from across the Commonwealth in two world wars.
    Conveniently you also fail to include the fact that 340 Orange members were murdered by Irish Republican terrorists in Northern Ireland. Did their human rights or their marriage rights or their cultural rights matter less than the evil men who took their lives? We can revise history to suit any narrative – but the truth will remain.

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  21. Triggered tango brigade lol Bigoted cockwombles with no place in a modern society. Take your flutes n your sectarian songs and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine.


  22. I think you need to learn about investigative journalism and research true facts, you could pick out so much from this sadly biased article, are you a member of ‘Call it Out’ by any chance or a student of Angela Haggerty……funny bringing in the BLM side of things and racism, you should ask the questions to Orange men and women of colour here in Scotland as well as the Lodges world wide.


  23. Why do bigoted racists always get so upset when you call them bigoted racists? Own it people! The worst part is too that these people are nothing but manipulated into being nothing but grotesque little drones for an establishment that couldn’t care less about them.
    The hatred pours from their pores.

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  24. Never in my life have i wasted time reading such absolute drivel, time to separate this moron from his glue/drugs/alcohol.


  25. I don’t support vandalising statues or change place names. I would suggest educating how these people amassed their ill gotten gains would be more appropriate. Scottish history should be taught in Primary and Secondary schools warts and all.


  26. Great article. I see you have done some excellent research on this. Banning of the Orange marches is well overdue. An ongoing embarrassment to Scotland.


  27. What a complete and utter shame the author of this piece has had to receive such negativity on a very well written piece of work.

    It is plainly clear from comments that the OO members providing comment are clinging to the negatives of the article.

    The facts are written in history and anyone can research them and take from what’s there what the will to suit their own agenda….whatever that may be but one thing the OO does do, and that is mainly what I took from the article is:

    1. Creates a religious divide in a society and that single reason alone is enough to vilainise any organisation and destroy any chance of being accepted as an organisation that helps communities or charities.

    2. It’s well documented the marches cause trouble and attract trouble makers and to say there are no members of the OO who have caused trouble over the years cannot be taken seriously.

    3. History is history. We have come such a long way from religious battles on horses with countless deaths to the society we are today. The article refers to the marches and the reasons for the marches being outdated and not fitting for a society that promotes acceptance for all. This is 100% true. Marching through Glasgow playing the famine song will undoubtedly offend folk so why do it. It’s 2020.

    4. There are racist folk in every walk of life and attached to every organisation or group and that is fundamentally wrong. The fact that the OO is associated with unionism and pro unionist organisation doesn’t help its case when so many pro parties are led by folk like tony Robinson etc who try to grow thier party with associations of the same beliefs. English skinhead haters wearing union jacks and spouting hatered along the way. Hardly helps the OO case!!

    5. Football shouldn’t come into it but it does and on the 12th July 2021 the hangers on….followers (perhaps not members) will be out and proud with the orange football tops of the past.

    Perhaps not going on about killing catholic’s and having your celebrations in your halls would be better that marching the streets and attracting hangers on that cause trouble along the way because to be honest unless you change and promote a peaceful “celebration” things will stay the same.

    Ban all religiously motivated marches because they cause nothing but trouble and upset. FACT!!

    Liked by 1 person

  28. “If you don’t like it go elsewhere” Wtf? Someone needs a history lesson that goes back before 1690. The union has only existed 300yrs. In historical context, not long at all. The Welsh, Scots, Cornish, Irish and a lesser extent, the English have inhabited these islands looong before any union was forced on us. Being “British” in today’s context is a faux modern political term invented in the last 150yrs or so to attempt to undermine the mutliple national identities, language and cultures of these islands & to promote the imperialist empire (actual indigenous Britons are today’s Welsh & Cornish). These “loyal” Scots might be surprised to know that they are largely descendants of the Scoti tribes. Scoti being the Latin name given to the Gaels that came to Scotland from….. Ireland! You’re not so different behind those flutes and sashes.


  29. I’m reading the comments on this and thinking how true your article resonates. It just feels no one can win and this world is destined to remain bigoted and hateful… Then again most decent folk don’t spend their time trolling around the web so we can’t judge from a sample.

    Keep the good work up and don’t let bad comments influence you. If they’re there it’s BECAUSE your writing is making a difference. Case in point – I support Rangers, but I loathe and detest the Orange order. I look forward to a fair and just society, and if this means Scottish Independence, at least for what we could achieve, it’s a good means to an end. Like many people who voted for independence, I’m after an opportunity to create a new and better society, but the choice of means is only fuelled by the hate-filled and unjust society which is the United Kingdom (not all of it, but where it exists the bigotry is strong). If I believed this could change, I would never want a change of flag. But that would start by ensuring that flags become irrelevant. In an independent Scotland, oddly, they might.

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  30. Excellent article.The truth hurts sometimes. Glasgow needs to move on from this embarrassing display of sectarianism. Yes the OO does indeed give people a sense of identity but the thuggery, intimidation and outright refusal to see it any way other than their own will be their ultimate downfall.


  31. Oh ffs….did you copy all this bull from other media outlets? You can’t decipher the difference between bigotry and sectarianism. Slavery or Racism…How old are you ? you do know the Roman Empire was one of the biggest slavemasters of all time…so by association the Vatican must fall along with its horrible treatment of it’s followers.


  32. History is what it is, you can’t change it, you can learn from it. I have never scrolled down an article so quickly until now. If seen you either in bar in New York, a beech Bbq or even a bus stop in Fife, I would cross the road. Sad to say, your informative text did nothing for me, we know our culture, how it came to be, who won the wars etc, your a bore, sadly a white Glaswegian one, but still boring.


  33. History is what it is, you can’t change it, you can learn from it. I have never scrolled down an article so quickly until now. If seen you either in bar in New York, a beech Bbq or even a bus stop in Fife, I would cross the road. Sad to say, your informative text did nothing for me, we know our culture, how it came to be, who won the wars etc, your a bore, sadly a white Glaswegian one, but still boring.


  34. And still it goes on, the ira/snp agenda of attacking anything Protestant and loyal, how can anyone be blamed for someones actions from 300years ago, I’m white and proud and I get on with my life without blaming anyone and anything for life’s difficulties, typical left wing ira /snp gurning


  35. The orange order don’t cause devision in our society. Its the people who have a hatred for orders beliefs. And travel many miles to be at their marches just to be offended!! If you don’t like good Christian values then l suggest that you are living in the wrong country!! Because as much as you might hate it the UK is still a Christian country with Christian values.


    1. Then it would be safe to say there are people attached to the Orange Order, who have a hatred for other people’s beliefs and travel miles to attend marches, just to show they are offended by them. Good Christian values should be respected by all religions that claim to be Christian, in the true sense of the word. There are no differences in Christianity, only in people’s interpretation of it.


  36. What are all these people taking about – we have people of all colour in the order? Then go on to say they have members in Ghana. We are taking about here in Glasgow, I’ve never seen a black person as part of the orange walks singing the songs and playing the flutes – please show me there must be loads of pictures of black orange order members at the marches in Glasgow, no?
    Plus people love talking about ‘eh what about that over there 1000s of miles they do this and they do that…’ We don’t care we are here in Glasgow and only concerned with Glasgow- let them over there sort their own house out.
    Why’s everyone upset? Because the author spoke about the marches, all these people completely forgot about the Slave trade part and the amnesia that Scotland is under about its involvement in the trans Atlantic Slave trade. But we are just this little cuddly country, we have burns and whisky and brave heart. We are the poor wee country always picked on by our auld enemy the English. No we don’t believe you.


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